Port of Nydri Designated Mooring Zones

Decision by the Port Fund to Designate the Mooring Zones for Boats at the Port of Nydri

With a unanimous decision by the Lefkada Port Fund, the mooring zones for boats at the port of Nydri have been designated, as depicted in the above topographic diagram from the Technical Services Department of the Municipality of Lefkada, which are as follows:

Zone 1 (points 1-2): Area of 25 meters for emergency position.
Zone 2 (points 2-3): Area of 17 meters for mooring private recreational boats longer than 12 meters.
Zone 3 (points 3-4): Area of 32 meters for mooring private and commercial recreational boats longer than 28 meters.
Zone 4 (points 4-5): Area of 70 meters for mooring large day cruisers.
Zone 5 (points 5-6): Area of 25 meters – Port Facility.
Zone 6 (points 6-7): Tourist boat shelter under construction.
Zone 7: Area of 90 meters for mooring passenger-ferry boats.
Zone 8 (points 10-11): Area of 20 meters for recreational marine equipment of the G.K.L. 20.
Zone 9 (points 11-12): Area of 10 meters for mooring water taxis.
Zone 10 (points 12-13): Area of 10 meters for lateral mooring of service P.L.S.
Zone 11 (points 13-14): Area of 28 meters for mooring professional fishing boats. Lateral mooring is allowed.
Zone 12 (points 14-15): Area of 24 meters for mooring professional recreational boats up to 12 meters.
Zone 13 (points 15-1): Area of 58 meters for mooring professional fishing boats. Lateral mooring is allowed.
Zone 14 (points 16-17-18-19): Area of 72 meters for mooring private boats up to 10 meters.
Zone 15 (points 8-9): Area of 10 meters for boarding/disembarking passengers of professional boats of the G.K.L. 38.
In all the above zones, lateral mooring is prohibited unless specifically mentioned as an exception.

Specifically, in Zone 5 – Port Facility, mooring of professional recreational boats is allowed on days when a cruise ship arrival is not expected. When a cruise ship arrival is anticipated, all boats are required to vacate Zone 5.